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Software Engineer

Paul loves to create eye-catching, unique, secure and bug-free websites, and his favorite way to do it is through web development that fulfills a client’s need or solves a problem. He's passionate about fast, well-written, user-friendly applications. Providing clients with high-quality apps that meet their business needs is his top priority. He excels at solving technical problems using Python, and JavaScript, and he builds expert applications from scratch.

Selected finished projects

Mini Product Management
An E-commerce implementation for a product set...
Coolflixx Movie Application
Design and Develop custom code application features and functions...
Cubklan E-commerce Application
A Fullstack frontend application for a clothing store...
Techvent Application
Techvent is an application that help's participants and organizers of conferences to keep track of the session, speakers...
Rock Climbling Application
A product landing page with bespoke styl...

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Imagine the feeling, the joy, when you see or use something smart & slick.

Yep, that is what I am always looking for!

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